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21 st Century a unique collection of images of the river Clyde from source to sea.

This unique project is the brainchild of Cara McKinnon Crawford an internationally known artist, living and working in Scotland.

Starting at its source in the South of Lead hills Cara intends to produce around 200 paintings capturing the many different aspects of the Clyde; rural, industrial and urban through a particulary important phase; the regeneration and revitalisation of the Clyde.

Cara as been described as "The New Scottish Colourist" and is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, her paintings sell world wide and feature in many private collections.

Artists such as John Knox, William Turner, L S Lowry and Stanley Spencer painted particular aspects of the Clyde. No one as painted this vast expanse of moving water from source to the sea and Cara believes now is the right time to capture the Clyde in its entirety.

This will be one of the major ways of promoting Glasgow . Important to the nation in capturing a snapshot of the history of the Clyde. In order to ensure that the project is accesible to the people of Scotland who made the Clyde, people who live, work and play around the areas of this great river.Cara intends to make the paintings accesible to the public with the project culminating in a major exhibition in Glasgow . The current preferred venue is George Square, utilising marquees rather than a more formal venue.It is also hoped that a travelling exhibition would be created, which could be taken to the other areas of scotland and beyond.

A television documentary is being produced, again with the view of enhancing the acessibility of the project, The Clyde and art in general. This will also detail the Clyde and its signifiance to Scotland in the past and in the 21st Century.This is intended to be a three or four part documentary which will be shown in Scotland, and further afield, and probably available in DVD/video for sale through various tourist outlets.

The clyde is the centre of so many industries and organisations and features in industrial history, folklore and songs all in tribute to this internationaly known river. The project will extend for around 2 years and is already attracting enourmous attention from the media, Companies and individuals. It is unique.
The paitings from this internationnaly know artist will be for sale but there are also many sponsorship opportunities. (see menu)